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Scottish week 2012

Scottish Week 2012

19th - 29th July 2012

This year the town of Peterhead is celebrating it’s 51st Scottish Week which is the last remaining ‘Scottish Week’ event remaining anywhere in Scotland. When it started in 1962 there were a number of these events up and down the Scottish coast but all have folded except Peterhead. Over the past few years the community and the Committee has work hard to ensure that the event continues.

The Family History Society of Buchan has three events this year. We are hosting two photographic exhibitions and one cemetery tour:

constiCDTour of Constitution Street Cemetery  

Sunday 29th July, Tours start at 14:00 at Constitution Street entrance,

Come for a walk around the Cemetery with members of the Family History Society of Buchan and discover a wee bit about some of Peterhead’s famous and rather infamous former residents. Please wear sensible walking shoes, the ground is relatively even but in wet conditions the grass can be slippery in places.

Admission Free:


BOWL005 - Bowling 5 - P D guthrieBuchan Sporting Greats Photographic Exhibition

Mon 23rd to Fri 27th July  10:30 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 16:00 Arbuthnot House, Broad Street, Peterhead

The FHSB is hosting an informative photographic exhibition concentrating on the local sporting personalities and teams. Extensive research has discovered a number of individuals who have a close Buchan connection and who went onto represent Scotland at various sports. There is also a Peterhead FC Dream Team compiled by George Ritchie - come along and see who George thinks were the best players to have played for Peterhead PC. There are hundreds of other photographs of local people playing sport at all levels. Many of the photographs have sportsmen, women and children who are not identified and the Society is looking to you to pop in and try to name them

Admission Free:


after ww1 Birnie butcher and his 2 sisters with Wm Forman who was presented with his medals in London‘The’ Exhibition

Mon 23rd July - 31st Aug 10:00 - 16:30 Market Hall, Peterhead Port Authority (behind the Dolphin Cafe)

If anyone saw last year’s exhibition in the Market Hall they could not have failed to have been impressed with the large collection of wedding photographs, school photographs and local family groups. This years exhibition has again been put together by Margie Davidson and builds on last years displays. The centrepiece of this years exhibition is the Breakwater Light model and even more wedding, school and fishing industry photographs are on display with whole new family groups. 

Admission Free:

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