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Newsletter and Sample Articles

Established 2008

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Welcome to the Family History Society of Buchan newsletter.

This newsletter provides the latest Society’s news and numerous excellent articles all supplied by our members. This newsletter, is distributed quarterly and provides a quick and easy way for you to stay up to date and get the latest information wherever and whenever you need it.

Our hardworking editor, Sheila produces the periodical newsletter , “Aa the Claik” and although a back issue of the newsletter is published in the ‘open’ area of the web site, all back issues are available to our members once the Members Area is again up and running. To view a back issue click here or on the Aa the Claik banner above Anybody wishing to submit an article please contact Sheila on editor’at’ [replace the ‘at’ with the normal @ please]

Members may notice that some of the articles published on this web site are chosen from the back issues of the newletter and reprinted on this site. This is purely done to raise the quality of the information available on this site.

Why “Aa the Claik”?

Well, it’s utilises the rich Scots/Doric languages but for those who feel they need an English translation: “Aa” is the local term for “All” and “Claik” has several meanings, depending on geographical area and on which dictionary is used, but we have taken it to mean “gossip” or, more formally, “news”. So “Aa the Claik” is the name we have chosen.

Aa the Claik and other Articles

The Family Bible or Starting From Scratch

Isabel Buchan

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Whatever Happened to Margaret?

Eileen Harrop

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Cruden Bay

Margie Davidson

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Scottish Records

Alan Fakley

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Local Registrars

Shirley Dickie

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