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Scottish Registered Charity SC039533

Established 2008

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Website Update

(03 Feb 2014) Today work commences on re-writing this website. We are excited by 2014 as it will be such an exciting time for everyone here in Scotland, as such it’s time to re-vamp the website. We ask for you patience as pages may not be available from time to time. 


Peterhead 1116

The FHSB preserves local genealogical records and makes them available to family Historians via CD’s, Books and Photographs - See our secure on-line shop for details

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Important Dates


Committee Meeting

18 Feb 2013 - Arbuthnot House

19:00- 21:00hrs

 All Committee members are requested to attend


Next Open Meeting

 25 Mar 14

A Presentation on the Gordon Highlanders


New Publications

Our seventh publication has just been released.

 “ Cruden Old Church Memorial Inscriptions” 






Peterhead Shipmasters Volume 2